wedding selfie frame

Wedding Selfie Frames

You can make your very own personalised Wedding selfie frame in three simple ways. You can use our online design facility to create your own or modify one of our Wedding selfie frame templates to your own requirements or let us design it for you for FREE.

You can also add unlimited photos and images to any design at no extra charge. These can be images downloaded from the internet but please ensure that they are high enough quality to reproduce well. If in doubt ask us to check before printing. Our Wedding selfie frames are suitable for indoor or outdoor use as they are completely waterproof and can be easily wiped clean.

All of our Selfie Frames include...

  • Durable Corex or Foamboard
  • Design Online or Free Design
  • High Quality Printing
  • Using Your Own Photos & Graphics
  • Prices from £18.95 with No Hidden Costs

Choose one of our Selfie Frame templates below and customize it to your exact requirement or ...

Portrait Designs

Flower_Wedding_Frame - design template - 914
Flower_Wedding_Frame - 914
Wedding_Frame_Template - design template - 913
Wedding_Frame_Template - 913
Wedding_Selfie_Frame - design template - 819
Wedding_Selfie_Frame - 819

Landscape Designs

Family_Christmas_Selfie_Frame - design template - 842
Family_Christmas_Selfie_Frame - 842
Wedding_Selfie_Frame - design template - 865
Wedding_Selfie_Frame - 865
Wedding_Selfie_Frame_2 - design template - 867
Wedding_Selfie_Frame_2 - 867
Wedding_Selfie_Frame - design template - 881
Wedding_Selfie_Frame - 881
Flower_Frame_Landscape - design template - 916
Flower_Frame_Landscape - 916